Huckleberry Pond Grant press release

The Hannibal Parks & Recreation Department received notification Oct. 24 that it won a $184,000 grant to renovate the pond at Huckleberry Park.

The leaking pond will be fixed and a handicap accessible dock will be added.

The pond, in the 63-acre park at U.S. 61 and Huckleberry Drive, is leaking water, and it has bank erosion and accessibility issues. Plans call for the pond to be widened at its north end and to be deepened, with piping replaced and the bank lined with riprap. In addition, more benches will be added to surround the pond, and an accessible dock will be installed for people with mobility issues.

The Hannibal City Council approved in February a resolution allowing the department to apply for the Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant. Klingner and Associates estimated the project would cost about $500,000. Hannibal Parks & Recreation will match the grant mostly with in-house labor and equipment.

There is red sand currently, it will be lined with clay and the bank lined with riprap.

The accessible dock is something the Parks Department already has on hand. The largest costs are the excavation, hauling and clay lining.

Andy Dorian, director of the Hannibal Parks Department, said the plan is to bid the project during the summer of 2019 with construction hopefully starting later in the summer or early fall. The goal is to have the project completed before the end of 2019.

In advance of the project, parks personnel will be clear trees and brush from along the pond’s bank this winter.

Once completed, the pond will be stocked with fish.

October 25th, 2018