Riverfront Groundbreaking press release

There will be a groundbreaking at 11 a.m. Monday Dec. 3 at Glascock’s Landing to begin the extensive riverfront renovation.

The work will be completed by Bleigh Construction Co., along with subcontractors and Hannibal Board of Public Works and Hannibal Parks & Recreation Department employees.

The 6.6 million project will repair infrastructure problems, relocate the marina and provide docking locations for two large riverboats as well as the Mark Twain Riverboat and Canton Marine Towing. The renovation will feature a uniform rock wall along the river, new sidewalks, fencing, lighting, restroom, handicap accessibility, new stormwater utilities and a large green space for events.

The construction contract includes a 300-day completion date so is scheduled to be finished by Fall of 2019.

November 28th, 2018