Glascock's Landing

Glascock's Landing is located at the end of Hill Street, at the Mississippi River. It is just across the parking lot, north of Kiwanis Park. This 2 acre park offers a picturesque setting for the Mississippi Queen, Delta Queen and American Queen Riverboats to dock. Amenities include a water fountain, benches, purple martin houses, a large gazebo (with picnic tables and electricity) and restrooms nearby. Also, see Schwartz Gardens – offering lush landscaping and a statue of a young Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain).

The pavilion overlooking the river is available for rental.  The cost is $15 for a half day (9AM-3PM or 4PM-10PM) and $20 for a full day.  Call 573-221-0154 to check availability.  In order to reserve the pavilion, you must come to the Parks & Recreation Department (320 Broadway) to fill out a contract and pay the fee.  Until that has been completed, the pavilion cannot be reserved.


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