Hannibal Area Shooter’s Education Youth BB Gun League program is back better than ever as shown in the awards banquet recently at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center.
Travis Moore, program coordinator, said about 28 youngsters finished the program, which teaches safe firearms handing and teamwork. He said the theme for the year was “Back in Black,” which had several meanings. “First, Covid prevented us from having a traditional season last year. This year’s participant T-shirts were black. So, we literally were ‘back in black.’ And the goal of every shooter is to hit the center portion of the target, the black section, every time. We literally aim to be ‘in the black’ with every shot. And I can tell you that many of our young folks were ‘back in black’ again this season! “
He said the program featured several youngsters who were high achievers in the shooting contests. “We had a highly competitive season and many of our participants achieved personal bests.”
Moore thanked Hannibal Parks & Recreation, Early-Bird Kiwanis and National Rifle Association for funding the program.
Individual awards went to:
Top Pistol-Trinity Tutor
Most Improved-Aurora McCoy
Sportsmanship-Daniel Wellman and Nolan Lowes
Hatton Award-Noah Lawson
Top Positions
8 – 10 Year Olds
Prone – Payton Barlow
Sit – Keaton Sapp
Kneel – Aurora McCoy
Stand – Keaton Sapp
Top Gun – Keaton Sapp

11 – 13 Year Olds
Prone – Coleton Hall
Sit – Coleton Hall
Kneel – Kylee McMillen
Stand – Sydney Shelley
Top Gun – Coleton Hall

14 – 18 Year Olds
Prone – Noah Lawson
Sit – Trinity Tutor
Kneel – Katherine Painter
Stand – Katherine Painter
Top Gun – Trinity Tutor (by 1 pt)

Top Teams
First Place: Trinity Tutor, coach; AJ Kolb, assistant; Brody Shelley
Second Place: Katherine Painter, coach; Caden Welch, assistant; Serenity Hall
Third Place: Shelby Patterson, coach; Sydney Phillips, assistant; Keaton Sapp and Evan Shortridge
Other Teams
Brian Fowler, coach; Sydney Shelley, assistant; Payton Barlow, Aurora McCoy and Sadie Richmond
Greg Lowes, coach; Taylor Painter, assistant; Aaron Creech and Kylee McMillen
Matt Lawson, Nicholas Lawson, assistant; Jarrett Creech, Nolan Lowes and Daniel Wellman
Hayes Shelley, coach; David Tutor, assistant; Coleton Hall and Grant Watson
Noah Lawson, coach; Hannah Davis, assistant; Brandon Gauch and Rance Greiman
Score of at least 80 on target: Nicholas Lawson and Trinity Tutor
10X Recipients: One time: Nolan Lowes, Aurora McCoy, Payton Barlow, Sadie Richmond, Jarrett Creech, Daniel Wellman, Taylor Painter, Nicholas Lawson, Noah Lawson and Kylee McMillen; Two times: Trinity Tutor, Keaton Sapp, Brody Shelley, Sydney Phillips and Coleton Hall; three times: Brandon Gauch; four times: Katherine Painter