Mark Wavering Charcoal drawing 1 Charcoal drawing 2

Hannibal artist Mark Wavering will showcase his artwork in Hannibal’s Central Park.

The exhibit is called Pet Portraits. About 20 pieces of his charcoal drawings of pets will be in Central Park April 1-15.

The pieces of artwork are posted on signs so people can walk along the sidewalk at Central Park and view the art.

Mary Lynne Richards, recreation supervisor at Hannibal Parks & Recreation, said the artwork will be available for a few weeks to give Hannibal residents a chance to enjoy artwork outdoors. Social distancing is encouraged. Staying at least six feet away from other people lessens the chance of catching COVID-19.

Wavering said it takes about two hours to complete a portrait. He usually uses a photograph. “I use photography as the first tool because animals move around so much,” it’s difficult to get his subjects to pose for a drawing.

He said he uses a couple different techniques, depending on the type of dog, “I free-hand and sometimes I will use an overlay by using light and a transparency.”

Charcoal is a good medium for creating pet portraits, Wavering said. It’s good for sketches and allows the artist to achieve depth and intensity through layering.

Wavering said he stays away from computerized artwork. “Pets are often a part of the family, so I want them to look as authentic as possible.”

Wavering often provides artwork for park exhibits and takes photographs for Google Maps. His photos on Google Maps include restaurants, stores, other businesses and parks.

Wavering has exhibited his artwork in various venues in Hannibal, Moberly, Columbia and Quincy, Ill.