Lots of youngsters were honored at awards banquet for the Hannibal Area Shooter’s Education Youth BB Gun League program.

Travis Moore, program coordinator, said about 57 youngsters finished the program, which teaches safe firearms handing and teamwork.

Moore thanked Mayor James Hark, former mayor Roy Hark, Hannibal Parks & Recreation assistant director Aron Lee, Bill Hatton and Roy Deitel for supporting the program; and Hannibal Parks & Recreation, Early-Bird Kiwanis and National Rifle Association for funding the program.

Individual awards went to:

Top Pistol-Katherine Painter

Most Improved-Keaton Sapp

Sportsman’s-Taylor Painter

Hatton Award-Emma Watkins

Top Positions

8 – 10 year old

Prone – Myles Arrowsmith

Sit – Eli Clayton

Kneel – Andrew Hart

Stand – Emma Clayton

Top Gun – Myles Arrowsmith


11 – 13 year old

Prone – Ayden Shortridge

Sit – Nicholas Lawson

Kneel – Ayden Shortridge

Stand – Aron Logsdon

Top Gun – Ayden Shortridge


14 – 17 year old

Prone – Astrid Davis

Sit – Hannah Davis

Kneel – Emma Watkins

Stand – Noah Lawson

Top Gun – Noah Lawson


Top Teams

3rd Place – Team 7 (198.2) Matt Lawson – coach, Aron Davis – coach, Aurora Shepherd –assistant coach,  Reece Crane, Daniel Wellman, Devontae Ecford, Gavin Rickey

2nd Place – Team 4 (207.5) Shelby Patterson – coach, Lauran Painter – coach, Sydney Phillips – assistant coach, Sydney Shelley, Andrew Hart, AJ Kolb, Isabella Logsdon, Deven Hallemeyer

1st Place – Team 8 (223.3) Ayden Shortridge – coach, Astrid Davis – coach. Aron Logsdon – assistant coach, Memphis Miller, JR Gertz, Caden Welch

Score of at least 80 on target: Nicholas Lawson, sit; Aurora Shepherd, sit and prone: Katherine Painter, prone; Ayden Shortridge, prone; Aron Logsdon, standing

10X Recipients:  1 time: Myles Arrowsmith, Tristan Bastian, Andrew Clark, Eli Clayton, Reese Crane, Carly Golian, AJ Herrin, Matthew House, Lily Johnson, Noah Lawson, Nicholas Lawson, Kylee McMillen, Lauran Painter, Sydney Phllips, Keaton Sapp, Sydney Shelley, Braden Treaster, Trinity Tutor

2 times: Aaron Logsdon, Aurora Shepard, Ayden Shortridge, Emma Watkins and Katherine Painter