The Mississippi Hills chapter of Master Naturalists will be working at Becky’s Garden, Cardiff Hill Overlook, 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, April 27.

The group will be working with a local Girl Scout troop. The garden was founded in 2004 by a Girl Scout group earning badges. The Master Naturalists will be planting native species, watering and weeding.

The purpose of Becky’s Garden is to provide a native plant habitat for pollinators and other wildlife, and a place of beauty and respite for visitors and residents of Hannibal. Volunteers will continue to gain knowledge and awareness of native plants and their interaction with the environment.

There will be a second Master Naturalist group formed soon. The first group formed last August by completing a 40-hour training course taught by instructors from the University of Missouri Extension and the Missouri Department of Conservation. The group members are required by the Missouri Department of Conservation and the University of Missouri Extension to complete an additional 40 hours of volunteer work and eight hours of advance training within the following year.

The group chose their capstone project as Becky’s Butterfly Garden at Cardiff Hill Overlook.

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