Boat Slip Fees 2021
Boat Harbor Contract 2021 Update
Annual slip rental is now available at Hannibal’s new marina.

Rental fees are based on the size of the boat, $2.75 per foot. Hannibal Parks & Recreation is accepting contracts for yearly rentals. Seasonal or monthly rentals will be available starting April 1.

Each renter must carry a minimum of $100,000 liability insurance on the boat and a copy of the policy must be submitted to Hannibal Parks & Recreation upon rental.

Slips must be rented in the collector’s office in City Hall, 320 Broadway.

The extensive two-year renovation was necessary due to several numerous infrastructure problems. The marina was relocated and docking locations provided for two large riverboats as well as the Mark Twain Riverboat and Canton Marine Towing. There is new fencing, lighting, sidewalks, a uniform rock wall and large green spaces for events.

Additional work for the next year includes installation of the marina gas dock, adding electricity to the marina, construction of the boat trailer parking lot, additional fencing, asphalt street overlays, planting of trees and many other projects.