Hannibalians with Bradford pear trees on their property have the option to cut down their trees and receive a free, non-invasive tree at a “buy-back” event on April 18.
Starting March 15, participants may register by visiting www.moinvasives.org/2023/02/15/pear-buy-back-2023/ They will also need to submit a photo of themselves next to their cut-down tree in order to receive one replacement tree.
After submission, participants will be able to pick up the tree from 3-6 p.m. April 18 in Central Park.
The event is sponsored by the Hannibal Tree Board, Forest ReLeaf of Missouri, Missouri Invasive Plant Council, Forrest Keeling Nursery and Missouri Department of Conservation.
The Bradford pear, also known as the Callery pear, can create unpleasant smells and, more importantly, is invasive and destructive to other plants and animals. It multiplies quickly and crowds out Missouri native plants, according to MDC.
Kristy Trevathan, Tree Board president, said there is no residency requirement for the “buy-back” program but only registered participants will be eligible for a free tree.
More information is available at kristy.trevathan@prestigerealty.net, 573-248-6581.