Hannibal’s disc golf course was busy Saturday as about 55 players competed in the Don Crane Memorial Huck Finn Open disc golf tournament. This was the first year the tournament was held exclusively in Hannibal’s Don Crane Disc Golf Course in Huckleberry Park.

The tournament was sponsored by Hannibal Parks & Recreation and Excitement Disc Golf. John Shaw of Excitement Disc Golf organized the tournament.

The winners were:

Open division:

  • Evan Walker of Burlington, Iowa, first
  • Chase Gordon of Golden, Ill., second
  • James Reichert of Lowell, Ark., third

Pro Masters 40 +

  • Robert Hall of Jacksonville, Ill., first
  • Joshua Myers of Ottuma, Iowa, second

Pro Masters 60+

  • Doug Peyton, Marion, Ill., first
  • Scott Innis, Altoona, Iowa, second
  • Kevin Williams, Bloomfield, Iowa, third


  • TJ Reel, Pittsfield, Ill., first
  • Myles Hummel, Quincy, Ill., second
  • Caleb Kramer, Keokuk, Iowa, third

Amateur Masters 40+

  • Eric Dochterman of Keokuk, first
  • Jeff Ferguson, second
  • Roger Beachy of Mount Pleasant, Iowa, third


  • Ben Power of Quincy, first
  • Matthew Harris of Payson, Ill., second
  • Caden Escamilla of Mexico, third

Intermediate Women

  • Debbie Polkinghorne of O’Fallon, first


  • Michael Leake of Hannibal, first
  • Michael Sibbing of Quincy, second
  • Trevor Ripper of Quincy, third


  • Dakota Oebermann of Troy, first


  • Noah Giesel of Winfield, Iowa, first