A new Little Free Library will be unveiled at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 19 near the big shelter in Riverview Park.

Girl Scout Troop 9197 is installing and supplying the box with books. Girl Scout Troop 9197 consists of 17 students who are in the first through fourth grade at Oakwood School. Julie Viehmann is the troop leader with Amy See as co-leader. Members of the Girl Scout Troop are:  Ainsley Viehmann, Landry Viehmann, Quinn Locke, Lydia See, Thea See, Heidi Janes, Brenleigh Locke, Gwyn Dorsey, Bella Treaster, Finley Kildow, Macy Woodside, Payton Barlow, Ila Judlowe, Hazel Judlowe, Elyse Bates, Robin Lang and Kinsley Halle.

The library was built by Shawn Janes (father of troop member, Heidi Janes).

Troop Leader Viehmann said that her troop is focusing on community service projects in the Hannibal area. “The goal is to show the girls that small acts of service can make big differences. “

Through the Little Library, the troop members will earn the “Take Action” badge with the goal to develop a service learning project that addresses a problem and then formulates a plan with the goal to improve the problem in a sustainable or long-term way.

Veihmann said that the troop decided against just donating a box of books to a group or organization,  “we have joined with Little Free Library to hopefully continue to provide increased access to books for years. It will be the troop members’ job to continue to check on the Library and keep it supplied with books for the future.“