Mermaid and Shark School at the Hannibal Aquatic Center allows youngsters to use their imagination while learning special swimming skills.
Jenna McDonald, Hannibal Aquatic Center director, expects the class to fill up quickly.
The class will be 10:30-11:15 a.m. Aug. 1-5. Each participant must be at least 6 years old and must have FinFun brand mermaid tail or shark fin. Participants may provide their own FinFun mermaid tail or shark fin and the cost is $50 for the class or purchase one through the Hannibal Parks & Recreation Department and the class is $115. The deadline to purchase a tail or fin is July 15.
McDonald has a checklist of requirements each swimmer must be able to complete before taking the class. The checklist is available at signup.
There are only 10 spots per class and there are two instructors and a lifeguard on duty during the class.
McDonald said swimmers will learn how to safely use their mermaid tails or shark fins. “It’s awesome to see the imaginations come alive. The kids really get into it and we make sure they are safe. They live out a dream for a little bit.”
More information is available from the Hannibal Parks & Recreation website, or by calling 573-221-0154.
Signup is only available at Hannibal City Hall, 320 Broadway.

Mermaid Tail Selection and Size chart