Hannibal Parks & Recreation Nature programs in July give children and adults alike a chance to spend time in nature.

The following nature programs have been planned for July in Riverview Park:

6 p.m. Wednesday, July 10: “The Secret Life of Trees.”

Gale Rublee, nature educator, will lead the program. “Trees are vital to our existence. They provide oxygen for us to breathe, fruits and nuts to eat, shade and beauty to sit under. Ever listen or talk to a tree? How do they ‘talk’ to each other?”

10 a.m. Wednesday, July 24 “Fairy Kingdom”

Rublee said, “Time for a fairy scavenger hunt! If you were a fairy, where would you live and play? What critters would be your friends or enemies? What human activities might disturb you? “

Rublee has previously been a naturalist and teacher at Shaw Nature Reserve in St. Louis and has been a storyteller and actor. She is the coordinator and teacher for the Bluff City Theater Youth Education Theater Initiative.

Participants should meet at Shelter No. 1 near the playground in Riverview Park. There will be walking on the paved trails. The program is free but reservations must be made by calling 573-221-0154 or emailing mlrichards@hannibal-mo.gov.