The Hannibal riverfront will now have an added feature, a kayak launch.

At tonight’s Hannibal City Council, Director of City Services Andy Dorian will ask for approval to add a kayak launch to the marina.

“We are adding a feature to the riverfront, this isn’t your traditional change order, this in additional feature we had planned for Phase 2.”

The riverfront will include a handicap-accessible kayak launch. “Kayaking has increasingly grown in popularity in Hannibal and around the country. Having a designated kayak launch allows people to enter and exit the water more safely. “

The ADA component allows people with mobility issues the opportunity to safely enter and exit a kayak so they can enjoy being out on the water. Having an ADA Kayak launch will be a great addition to the riverfront for both our local citizens and for people coming up and down the river.”

The total cost for the new ADA Kayak Launch is $36,455.12.