Mitchell and Porter

Bob Mitchell and Jarrett Porter won the championship tournament 


Mundle and Kestner

Kevin Mundle and Andrew Kestner won the intermediate division

The Hannibal Parks & Recreation Spring Pickleball league ended this week, after a challenging six weeks of playing at both the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center and at the Huckleberry Park courts.

Bob Mitchell and Jarrett Porter won the championship tournament, with Jeff Riley and Kevin Rainey earning second place.

In the intermediate division, the overall best record was earned by Kevin Mundle and Andrew Kestner; with Jeff and Laurie Curl earning second; and Christy Tuter and Austin McGee earning third.

Jenna McDonald, recreation supervisor for Hannibal Parks & Recreation, said players enjoyed using different locations as the league progressed. “Each court provides its own challenges and the players appreciated getting the chance to improve their techniques in different atmospheres.”

Pickleball has been a very popular sport in Hannibal with players using courts at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center, Norfolk & Southern Multi-sports Complex and Huckleberry Park frequently.

The next pickleball league sponsored by Hannibal Parks & Recreation will be in the fall.