More than 50 youngsters participated in the Hannibal Area Shooter’s Education Youth BB Gun League program and Travis Moore, coordinator, said retention was high in the program this year. Less youngsters signed up, but those who did sign up stayed for the entire program.

The program, sponsored by the Hannibal Parks & Recreation Department, met weekly for four months at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center. Moore said Shooter’s Education Youth BB Gun League teaches safe firearms handing and teamwork.

There were many awards given out at the end of the season banquet Friday March 8.

Individual awards were:

  • Katherine Painter, Hatton Award
  • Andrew Hart, Most Improved
  • Noah Lawson, Sportsman’s Award

Top Teams

1st Place: Emma Watkins and Lydia McCammon, coaches; Breighlan Kilby and Coleton Hall

2nd Place: Matt Lawson, coach; Reese Crane, Jaxon Lay, Sydney Phillips and Kalen Franklin

3rd Place: Alyssa Fountain, coach, Ayden Shortridge, assistant coach; Carly Golian, Addax Hendren and Caden Welch

Top Positions

8 – 10 age group

Prone, Sit, Kneel, Stand and Top Gun: Jaxon Lay

11 – 13 age group

Prone, Levi Wellman; Stand, Louis Perfetto; Sit, Knell, Stand and Top Gun Ayden Shortridge

 14 – 17 age group

Prone, Taylor Bramblett; Sit, Lydia McCammon; Kneel, Trinity Tutor; Kneel, Stand and Top Gun, Alyssa Fountain

Pistol: Louis Perfetto

Score of at least 80 on target, 1 time: Caden Welch, Bailee Zinn, A.J. Jerrin, Levi Wellman, Natalie McCammon, Alyssa Fountain, Ayden Shortridge and Lauran Painter (pistol)

Score of at least 80 on target, 2 times: Jaxon Lay, Trinity Tutor, Lydia McCammon and Taylor Bramblett (with 89 being the top single target)

 10X Recipients:  1 time: Jordan Andrews, Taylor Bramblett, Reece Crane, Astrid Davis, Hannah Davis, Addax Hendren, Javion Houston, Breighlan Kilby, Noah Lawson, Jaxon Lay, Natalie McCammon, Mike Miller, Lauran Painter, Trinity Tutor, Faith Watkins, Levi Wellman and Bailee Zinn

2 times: Andrew Clark, Myranda Hart, Ivy McCammon, Lydia McCammon, David Tutor, Emma Watkins, Caden Welch

3 times: Andrew Hart, AJ Kolb, Katherine Painter, Louis Perfetto and Hannah Davis

4 times: Aurora Shepard