HB Tennis Court Lights

Tennis and pickleball players will be able to continue their playing time at Huckleberry Park, now that lights have been installed at the courts.

The lights are user-activated and can be turned on in the evening. There is a breaker box between the courts that allow players to turn them on after dark. The lights will turn off after 30 minutes but can be re-activated until 10 p.m.

The eight energy-efficient LED lights are on 25-feet poles. There are four tennis courts and each tennis court can also be used as two pickleball courts. Portable pickleball nets are located inside the courts spring through fall.

Aron Lee, assistant director of Hannibal Parks & Recreation, said, “These lights provide a lot of illumination and distribute the light across the courts. We think it will improve the experience of the players and offer better safety.”

The fixtures for the lights arrived in the fall but the rest of the equipment was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The all-weather cushioned sport surface at the courts were resurfaced in 2019 and painted with both tennis and pickleball lines.