Time Capsule Inventory

The items in the 1969 time capsule have been itemized.

Hannibal Parks & Recreation staff opened the time capsule on May 1 and displayed the items to the public on Saturday, May 4. The items are now on display at City Hall.

When the vault was opened, parks employees discovered about 40 plastic bags, most of them waterlogged, some completely. Park staff pumped out about two feet of water.

Park staff retrieved and attempted to dry out the items. Some of the items could be salvaged but some were unrecognizable.

A new time capsule will be buried on Oct. 26, 2019, to be opened in 2069.

Items from the Sesquicentennial Time Capsule Opened May 2, 2019:

  1. Invitation from Mr. “C” Copton Appliance Company, 215 North Main St. to the opening of the Sesquicentennial Time Capsule to be held in Central Park in the year 2019 AD
  2. Letter to Merrilyn and Patricia Jurgens from Daddy and Mama, July 6, 1969, including pictures of Merrilyn and Patricia
  3. Letter to my first grandchild Michael Patrick Bowen from Kay Speckhart, dated July 5, 1969
  4. Coins include: 3 silver dollars, (two 1921, one 1900), 7 indian head/buffalo back nickels (1913 – 1938), 1 unidentified nickel, 3 pennies, 1 quarter, two sesquicentennial 1969, 1 dime
  5. Sesquicentennial 1969 token
  6. Pens
  7. Hannibal Newcomers Club booklet 1969 including article from The Hannibal Courier-Post about Hat Luncheon
  8. Hollywood Barber College nametag “Bob”
  9. Hannibal Jaycees Youth Day Class B ribbons (2)
  10. Hannibal Monument Co weather checker (cardboard)
  11. Plastic Indian Chief
  12. Kewpie Doll
  13. Plastic pocket protector with Coffee Mill Flavor ad on front
  14. Cave Owner I Am Your Cave booklet, published by Members of Tom Sawyer Grotto, Hannibal, MO, June 30, 1969
  15. Nemo Shrine Club Bylaws and roster 1967
  16. 5 garter leg belts “Hannibaltown 1819 – 1969
  17. Leg Stocking
  18. Plastic hand fan
  19. Sesquicentennial Booklet
  20. Hannibal Elks Lodge officers, etc. July 7, 1969
  21. Painting by Roy Brosi, 1967 (canvas was in pieces)
  22. Miss Hannibal Pageant program
  23. Ayers American Almanac 1859
  24. 2 Coke, 2 Pepsi glass bottles
  25. Picture of Kenneth Loyd Hirshey, Rita Ruth Chapin Hirshey, Carol Hann Hirshey, 9 years old, Kenny Hirshey, Jr., 8 years old from 1969
  26. Hannibal Missouri t-shirt (white with blue lettering)
  27. Silver hand lighter
  28. Coins from Mardi Gras 1966
  29. Tamper proof tag releaser (plastic) with plastic card of instructions
  30. Sesquicentennial Beautification Committee program for time capsule – July 6, 1969
  31. 4 rings
  32. Key
  33. Plastic sack from Cassano’s Pizza King 15th Anniversary
  34. Photo of woman and child
  35. Back of photo (photo completely faded) Secretary Husband James McDonald and our grandchild Debbra Jean Shuck, 4 years old, daughter of Gene and Sandra Shuck
  36. Western Union Telegram from Richard Lee
  37. Ceramic/glass dinner type plate with gold logo of Sesquicentennial
  38. Balloons
  39. The Labor News (paper) July 4, 1969
  40. Hypodermic needles (2)
  41. Dress from Kline’s (in pieces)
  42. Customer handbook presented by Board of Public Works, March 1, 1969, includes letter to Mr. Jerry Sampson from Cal Davis, General Superintendent – letter dated June 18, 1969
  43. Scholastic book with illustrations by Veronica Reed (not sure of title…something about Cathy)
  44. Letter from Kay Speckhart to her darling sons, John Wayne and Terrill Eugene Bowen
  45. Letter from Robert Bush, sesquicentennial director, June 27 – July 6, 1969
  46. Bust of Mark Twain (handmade Rubel)
  47. LP Record MGM
  48. The Hannibal Courier Post newspaper Friday, June 27, 1969
  49. The Quincy Herald Whig, July 6, 1969
  50. Welcome Wagon booklet “The Most Famous Basket in the World” includes committee names
  51. Letter from JoAnn Morgan, secretary of Hannibal Festivals, Inc. July 1, 1969
  52. Nine tapes of daily broadcasts July 5, 1969, on KHMO radio
  53. TV reel from KHQA from Crepe Paper Ball held at Cliffside Mansion
  54. Tranquilizers from Scott’s Drug Store “in use for the nervous type” in 1969
  55. Baby dress worn by Tanya Sue King, Hannibal’s Sesquicentennial Baby, with knitted baby booties
  56. Newsletter from The Hannibal Lutheran, April, May, June 1969
  57. Styrofoam band hat
  58. Maroon men’s top hat
  59. Cloth/sticker from KHMO
  60. Nametag for Earl
  61. Various committee/chairperson ribbons (unidentifiable)
  62. Program from Sesquicentennial Fashion Show, July 4, 1969
  63. Black glass ashtray with Sesquicentennial logo
  64. Descriptive Pattern and Size book from Alexander Smith Carpets and Rugs 1968
  65. Picture and information about Francis J. Desmond, Jr. – wedding photo of Sandy and Frank
  66. US Postage Stamp 6 cents with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s pic (2)
  67. Sticker/window cling? Of sesquicentennial logo
  68. The National Speleological Society brochure
  69. Silk shawl possibly (in pieces)
  70. Brown ceramic puppy dog (poodle)
  71. Small green plastic hair comb
  72. Hannibal Chamber of Commerce “Hannibal Missouri” brochure and postcard
  73. Letter to the Citizens of Hannibal, from Lou McDonald, secretary to director of Robert Bush
  74. Scrapbook (appears to be made out of wood) made by Bette Valentik Griggs to include newspapers articles. She was requested to make the scrapbook after Mayor Fred Herrin gave a presentation at the Oakwood Women’s Club.  It had 50 pages with daily additions of newspaper articles.
  75. 11 x 17 wooden decoupage of ten commandments
  76. Archie comic book
  77. Order of the Arrow card – a national brotherhood of scout honor campers; from Boy Scouts of America
  78. Unrecognizable photos/words from hospital – back of one photo read James Faries, Sr., administrator, Levering Hospital from August 1, 1966 to ?
  79. Punks for fireworks
  80. Book “Tom Sawyer Gotto” volume 1 – number 1, January – February 1968; complete with Tom’s Spelunking News with hand drawn illustrations

Many items had some significant water damage and were not able to be inventoried. We did the best we could identifying what we could; it was a huge disappointment to open the vault and discover items from 1969 were floating in water.