Honeysuckle Removal

Although bush honeysuckle may look pretty with its red berries right now, it is a harmful invasive plant that leaves a wake of ecological destruction in its path.

Help is needed to eradicate bush honeysuckle at Sodalis Nature Preserve Saturday, Oct. 24. Members of the Hannibal Tree Board will be at the park from 8 a.m. to noon removing the plant.

Kristy Trevathan, president of the Hannibal Tree Board, said, “Bush honeysuckle grows in almost every habitat area and crowds out other native plants and keeps the native plants from growing.”

Trevathan said she encourages families to help participate in the workday Saturday. Participants can bring clippers or loppers and equipment will also be provided. Gloves are suggested.

Trevathan said, “The red berries of honeysuckle are like ‘junk food’ for migrating birds, they don’t provide the high-fat content they need for their long flights of migration.”

She said the plants were first introduced as landscape ornamentals and can now be found all over Missouri.