Shredfest 2012

Shredfest at the Ramp Park Saturday was a success with hundreds of participants and spectators.  The fourth annual (free) skateboard, bike and scooter competition was sponsored by the Hannibal Parks & Recreation Department, Hannibal Clinic Health Services and PlanNine. Hannibal Clinic Health Services gave away 200 Pro-Tech helmets and Ride Cool t-shirts.

Here is a list of the winners:

Intermediate Scooter:

Overall: Trenton Roland

Trick: first, Noah Harrell; second, Tristan Shipley; third, Tyler Leake; fourth, Keaton Bartz

Run: first, Trenton Roland; second, Noah Harrell; third, Tristan Shipley; fourth, Tyler Leake

Advanced Scooter

Overall: Isaac Coy

Trick: first, Anthony Celani; second, Christian Stodar; third, Isaac Coy; fourth, Merrick Crane

Run: first, Braedon Guardino; second, Zach Bracey; third, Merrick Crane; fourth, Anthony Celani

Intermediate Skateboard

Overall: Joel Benz

Trick: first, Michael Logsdon; second, Jacob Zenger; third, Joel Benz; fourth, Jeremy Patton

Run: first, Joel Benz; second, Michael Logsdon; third, Jeremy Patton; fourth Robert Stephens

Advanced Skateboard

Overall: Cory Smith

Trick: first, Jamal Allison; second, Tyler Peterson; third, Cory Smith; fourth, Zach  Shipley

Run: first, Cory Smith; second, Cayce Cooper; third, Zach Shipley; fourth, Wecey Gehring

Intermediate BMX (bicycle)

Overall: Coby Klauser

Trick: first, Cory Leckbe; second, Coby Klauser; third, Nicholas Meyer; fourth, Timmy Meyer

Run: first, Coby Klauser; second, Nick Meyer; third, Cory Leckbe; fourth, Timmy Meyer

Advanced BMX (bicycle)

Overall: Bobbie Altiser

Trick: first, Bobbie Altiser; second, Brendon Selby; third, Nathan Wallace

Run: first, Bobbie Altiser; second, Brendon Selby; third, Nathan Wallace

Video courtesy of Quincy Herald Whig