PFH Clean-up

As part of the Hannibal Proud campaign, the Adopt-A-Block program has been re-introduced to encourage pride in local neighborhoods.

Dallas D. English, employment specialist with Preferred Family Healthcare/Clarity, organized PFH adopting Clinic Road recently. English said, “We’re always looking for ways to expand how we can better serve the community.  After noticing that Clinic Road was in need of some attention, the Preferred Family Healthcare ACTTAY (Assertive Community Treatment for Transitional Aged Youth) team decided to adopt it through Hannibal’s Adopt-A-Block program.  Getting out there and cleaning up Clinic Road is a great way for us to team-build within ACTTAY while also affording us another way to show pride in our community.”

Lisa Peck, Hannibal city manager, said the Adopt-A-Block program is a perfect offshoot of the Hannibal Proud program. “Street by street, neighbors inspire each other by setting an example of environmental stewardship, dramatically improving their quality of life and encouraging teamwork and community.”

Hannibal’s Adopt-A-Block Program helps beautify neighborhoods, and allows citizens, businesses, and organizations to take an active role.

The Adopt-A-Block program has just a few requirements:

  • Individuals, organizations or businesses are able to “adopt” a section of road to care for and improve the appearance on both sides of the road.
  • The program period is for two years; applicants can extend their agreement if they choose.
  • The city of Hannibal will provide a sign along the road recognizing the group’s efforts.
  • Each group should clean the adopted street as needed, there is no required maintenance schedule but monthly cleanups are recommended.
  • Sponsors must provide and dispose of their own trash bags.
  • Safety is to be stressed while working in the right-of-way. It is recommended that each person wear a safety vest or bright colored clothing.
  • Minors must be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult.

More information about the Adopt-A-Block program is available on the website: