It was an exciting finish for the Cardboard Boat race Saturday at the Hannibal Aquatic Center. The team that was in first place in the fastest boat competition ended up winning the Titanic Award after taking on water and sinking.

The fourth annual Hannibal Parks & Recreation Department Cardboard Boat races at Hannibal Aquatic Center had 17 boats, each boat had 2 passengers ages 6-16.

The Titanic Award went to Audrey Deien and Ella Leven
Titanic Award

Best Decorated Boat Award went to Sophia and Natalie Vandiver
Fastest Boat

The Fastest Boat Award went to Jay Arnold and Calvin Biggs
Decorated Boat

Jenna McDonald, Hannibal Aquatic Center director, “The Cardboard Boat Race is always fun for everyone. I think the families have even more fun before the race begins, because they work on the boats together and make it a family project. Our lifeguards and staff worked hard to make sure everyone had fun and stayed safe.”