Tony Bowman 1969

The time capsule in Central Park will be unveiled at 10 a.m. May 4.

The time capsule opening coincides with the Opening Day of Central Park Farmer’s Market. The Market opens at 7:30 a.m.

Tony Bowman, who designed the official emblem for the Sesquicentennial, will be the emcee. Mayor James Hark will give remarks. A band called Sesquicentennial Survivors will perform in the bandstand after the time capsule is opened. The band consists of Dale Hayes, George Roberson, Rachel Bringer Shepherd, Wes Mitchell, Larry Taylor and Betty and Martin Miller. Other musicians may be added.

Tom and Becky will be handling out raffle tickets to anyone who wants to participate in opening the time capsule.

Hannibal is celebrating its 200th birthday. During Hannibal’s Sesquicentennial in 1969, residents buried a time capsule. There will be another time capsule buried in October that will be opened in 2069.

Here are some of the items that are in the 1969 time capsule, according to published reports at the time:

  • Dress worn by Tanya Sue King, Hannibal’s sesquicentennial baby
  • Small bottle of tranquilizers from Scott’s Drug Store
  • Hannibal Courier-Post Sesquicentennial edition
  • Quincy Herald-Whig Sesquicentennial edition
  • Tapes of radio broadcasts from KHMO and KGRC
  • A letter to the citizens of 2019 by Mayor Fred Herrin
  • Names of city officials and employees
  • A bust of Mark Twain
  • Telegram from U.S. Rep. Bill Hungate
  • A tie clasp presented to the mayor by Hungate
  • A letter from Sen. Thomas Eagleton
  • Letters from Berkshire School students
  • A dress from Kline’s a women’s fashion shop
  • 1894 penny from Mrs. Ray Kuhn
  • Religious newspapers
  • Literature from Hannibal Free Public Library, Levering Hospital, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Ice House T heater
  • Dress worn by Mrs. Orville Fuqua, who was selected as Hannibal’s Molly Brown at the Crepe Paper Ball
  • Road maps from service stations
  • History books
  • Scrapbook of clippings

Tony Bowman available for interviews, 573-248-4196