The Missouri Department of Conservation has issued fishing requirements for Huckleberry Lake.

Trout must be returned to the water unharmed immediate after being caught until Jan. 31, 2023. The lake will be stocked with more trout in November.

Hannibal Parks & Recreation has partnered with MDC for management of the fish and fishery biologists monitor the fish stock in the pond.

The other fish available and daily limits are:

  • Largemouth Bass (more than 15 inches): 6
  • Channel Catfish: 4
  • Trout: 4
  • Crappie: 30
  • All other fish combined: 20

Fish may be taken only with pole and line with lure or bait. No trot lines, bank poles, limb lines or jug lines are allowed and no more than three poles per person.

Fishing licenses are required along with a trout permit for trout. Information on fishing licenses available on the Missouri Department of Conservation website:

The pond was renovated in 2019 with the help of an $184,000 Land and Water Conservation Fund grant. The pond was drained, excavated and lined with clay. It was widened at its north and the shore was lined with stone rip-rap to control erosion. A sidewalk was constructed around the pond and a handicap-accessible dock installed for people with mobility issues.