Hannibal Parks & Recreation is seeking input into the usage and possible changes to Riverview Park.
Planning Design Studio, a landscape architecture firm dedicated to creating exceptional outdoor spaces, is working on a master plan for a Riverview Park renovation. The plan will identify a vision for the future of the park and create a roadmap for implementation of that vision.
Community input is critical to form the vision of the park. Hannibal Parks & Recreation is posting updates on the website Hannibalparks.org and is seeking answers to survey questions periodically.
The answers will be sent to officials with Planning Design Studio for input on the process. This week the question is: What activities do you do in Riverview Park?
The question can be answered online at: https://www.hannibalparks.org/parks/riverview-park/
A public hearing will be held soon so Hannibal residents can share their views about park renovations.