Beautiful weather greeted disc golf players from around the area Saturday as 41 players competed in the Don Crane Memorial Huck Finn Open disc golf tournament. This tournament is held at Don Crane Disc Golf Course in Huckleberry Park.

The tournament was sponsored by Hannibal Parks & Recreation and Excitement Disc Golf. John Shaw of Excitement Disc Golf was the tournament director. He said the players always enjoy the Hannibal course.

The winners were:

Mixed Pro Open

  • Caleb Kramer of Keokuk, Iowa, and Robert Hall of Jacksonville, Ill., tied for first
  • James Reichert of Quincy, Ill., third
  • Marcus Roegge of Quincy, fourth

Mixed Pro 40 +

  • Kevin Williams of Bloomfield, Iowa, first
  • Joshua Myers of Ottuma, Iowa, and Michael Hamby, Quincy, tied for second

Mixed Amateur Open

  • Charles Rapp, New London, first
  • Seth Terwelp, Quincy, second
  • Matthew Harris, Payson, Ill., third
  • Isacc Goodman, Ottumwa, fourth
  • Adam Altmix, Quincy, fifth
  • Bradley Newton, Hannibal, sixth
  • Shawn JC Geralds, Hannibal, seventh

Mixed Amateur 40 +

  • Eric Dochterman, Keokuk, Iowa, first
  • Cody Miller, Nichols, Iowa, second
  • Eric Greer of Niota, Ill., and Brad Fink, Hannibal, tied for third
  • Jeremy Koedam, Lone Tree, Iowa, fifth
  • Calvin Evins, Exline, Iowa, sixth

Women’s Amateur 50+

  • Debbie Polkinghorn, O’Fallon, first
  • Angela Rueter, Marion, Ill., second

Mixed Amateur 2

  • Virginia Polkinghorne, O’Fallon, first
  • Roger Beachy, Mount Pleasant, Iowa, second
  • Gary Polkinghorne, O’Fallon, third
  • Levi Moore, Walcott, Iowa, fourth
  • Shane Powell, Monroe City, fifth

Mixed Amateur 3

  • Elijah Keen, Winfield, first
  • Daniel Soebbing, Quincy, second
  • Kevin Morrison, New London, Jacob Kramer, Keokuk, and Kyle Morrison, Hannibal, tied for third
  • Gabriel Giesel, Winfield, Iowa, sixth
  • Aerik Steward, Quincy, seventh
  • Dillon Moore, Griggsville, Ill., eighth
  • Riley Kliethermes, Columbia, ninth

Mixed Amateur 4

  • Riley Rock, Nichols, first
  • Mike Heaviland, Columbia, second
  • David Shelter, Keokuk, third
  • Dakota Oebermann, Troy, fourth


  • Noah Giesel of Winfield, Iowa, first