Riverfront Sidewalk

The Hannibal riverfront is open to the public starting today, Nov. 20.

The renovation project is nearly complete. The work was done by Bleigh Construction Co., along with subcontractors and employees from the Hannibal Board of Public Works, Hannibal Parks & Recreation Department and Hannibal Street Department.

The expansive project replaced numerous infrastructure problems, constructed a new marina and boat ramp and provided docking locations for two large riverboats as well as the Mark Twain Riverboat and Canton Marine Towing. There is new fencing, lighting, sidewalks, a uniform rock wall and large green spaces for events.

Andy Dorian, Hannibal director of Central Services, is pleased with the finished product thus far. “Phase 1 of the project is near completion with some minor checklist items still to be finished. Phase 2 will begin immediately and will include installation of amenities such as benches and trash cans, storyboards and flag poles. Additional work for the next year includes installation of the marina gas dock, construction of the boat trailer parking lot, additional fencing, asphalt street overlays, planting of trees and many other projects.”

Recreation supervisor Mary Lynne Richards expects that the riverfront with be full with visitors now that the barriers have come down. She noted that the renovation plan includes many ideas that were suggested by Hannibal residents, including boaters and people with mobility issues. “Nipper Park has been enlarged to include about a half mile of a wide pedestrian path along the river and the marina, open green spaces, use of the riverfront cobblestones, accessibility to the riverfront and room to install benches.’