Hannibal Area Shooter’s Education Youth BB Gun League program had an outstanding season this year, as shown in the awards banquet recently at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center.

Travis Moore, program coordinator, said about 35 youngsters finished the program, He said there are two main goals to have the program. “One is to teach area youths how to safely handle firearms.  This helps protect these kids while on the range, in their homes or in the field. The second goal is to help each person improve individually.  While we work to improve their shooting ability, we also build confidence in themselves.”

Moore said the youngsters also come together with a common interest. “Our participants are very diverse.  We have cheerleaders, band members, basketball players, and FFA members.  These kids have found a sport that they have an interest in and can be good at.  And shooting is a sport where both boys and girls can compete together.”

Moore thanked Hannibal Parks & Recreation, Early-Bird Kiwanis, National Rifle Association and Mike Blue for funding the program.

He said this year the program featured several youngsters who were high achievers in the shooting contests. “This year was pretty special in how the participants performed.  A 10X is when a shooter knocks the very center out of the target.  Many of the participants hope to get at least one 10X during the course of the season.  Last year, participants shot 27 10X’s.  This year, 22 participants shot at least one 10X, with our top shooter (Nick Lawson) notching 7 of them.  And, they tallied up 54 total 10X’x, twice as many as last year!  That’s a pretty major jump.”

Moore said Nick Lawson and Katherine Painter earned a 10X in each of the four positions: Prone, Sitting, Kneeling, Standing.

Individual awards went to:

Top Pistol-Katherine Painter

Most Improved-Grant Watson

Sportsmanship-Shane Lowery

Hatton Award-Keaton Sapp

Deitle Award-Matt Lawson

Top Positions

8 – 10 Year Olds

Prone – Nolan Lowes

Sit – Sadie Richmond

Kneel – Josh Chamberlain

Stand – Ethan Brand

Top Gun – Josh Chamberlain

11 – 13 Year Olds

Prone – Kylee McMillen

Sit – Jarrett Creech

Kneel – Kylee McMillen

Stand – Jarrett Creech

Top Gun – Keaton Sapp

Nick Lawson and Katherine Painter

Nick Lawson and Katherine Painter14 – 18 Year Olds

Prone – Nick Lawson

Sit – Nick Lawson

Kneel – Sydney Phillips

Stand – Katherine Painter

Top Gun – Nick Lawson

 10X Recipients:  One time: Ethan Brand, Brendon Brand, Carter Brocksieck, Alaric, Deroy               , Ben Hendren, Keaton Sapp, Daniel Wellman; Two times: Lilly Breuer, Brandon Gauch, Shane Lowery, Kylee McMillen and Grant Watson;; three times: Jarrett Creech, Hannah Davis, Nolan Lowes, Memphis Miller, Taylor Painter, Sydney Phillips and Brielle Strubinger; four times: Josh Chamberlain; five times: Katherine Painter; seven times: Nick Lawson

Top Teams

First Place: Shelby Patterson, coach; Sydney Philips, coach; Jarrett Creech and Kylee McMillen

Second Place:  Katherine Painter, coach; David Tutor, coach; Brielle Strubinger and Memphis Miller

Third Place: Greg Lowes, coach; Josh Chamberlain, Nolan Lowes and Lilly Breuer

Other Teams

Brian Fowler, coach; Keaton Sapp, assistant; Ethan Brand, Shane Lowery and Sadie Richmond

Taylor Painter, coach; Aiden Riveria and Shiloh Allen

Lauran Painter, coach; Brendon brand, Aaron Creech and Maggie Watson

Trinity Tutor, coach; Hannah Davis, assistant; Carter Brocksieck, Brandon Gauch and Grant Watson

Nick Lawson, coach; Matt Lawson, coach; Audra Creeh and Daniel Wellman, Alaric Deroy, Even Hendren, Ben Hendren

Nick Lawson and Katherine Painter