Hannibal’s Ramp Park was full of spins, twists and flips Saturday as extreme athletes showed off their skills at ShredFest. ShredFest is an event which includes talented skateboard, bike, and scooter riders.

Free entry was allowed into the Ramp Park and helmets were given to the first 25 children in the park, thanks to the financial support from Coolbyke.

The Ramp Park at Huckleberry Park is the mecca for action sports in the Hannibal area. Local athletes come to the park daily to try out new tricks and perfect old ones.

The results of the contests follow:

Beginner Scooter
1st: Gage Wisdom
2nd: Damon Jennings
3rd: Keestin Sherwood
4th: Jaydin McMillan

Intermediate Scooter
1st: Brayton Slaybough
2nd: Jernin Ainsworth
3rd: Kyler Boling

Advance Scooter
1st: Trenton Smashey
2nd: Merrick Crane
3rd: Joe Elzea
4th: Ethan Houser
5th: Gabriel Hardin

Beginner BMX
1st: Carson Powell
2nd: Cooper Boss
3rd: Caroline Prenger

Advanced BMX
1st: Tristan Prenger
2nd: Trenton Smashey
3rd: Joe Elzea
Beginner Skateboard
1st: Gwyneth McAneny
2nd: Alex Gaines

Advance Skateboard
1st: Jordan Taylor & Ryan Rayl
2nd: Casey Dungan
3rd: Gene Bloyd
4th: Alex Holtz
5th: Chase Phillips

Special Awards were also given out to the competitors:
Merrick Crane earned the Morgan Miller Award for outstanding sportsmanship. Alex Holtz earned the Mike Rimi Award for entertainment.