Kids with trout

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on outdoor recreational activity and more people are discovering a passion for fishing. And Hannibal Parks & Recreation is now providing a place to participate.

Huckleberry Park Pond will be open for trout catch and harvest starting Monday, Feb. 1.

Individuals that plan to keep the trout must possess a valid fishing license AND trout permit, or qualify for an exemption through Missouri Department of Conservation. The daily limit is 4 trout, and the possession limit is 10 trout. The only species of trout in the pond is rainbow trout.

Individuals that only plan to catch and release trout need only possess a valid fishing license. A trout permit is only necessary to catch and keep trout.

Trout fishing started as a catch-and-release activity on Nov. 12, 2020; after 200 pounds of trout were released into the park pond.

Fishing for other species will not be allowed until Spring 2021. The pond has been stocked with fathead minnows, bluegill, sunfish, channel catfish and bass. Hannibal Parks & Recreation staff also recently installed several pieces of artificial structures to provide an environment conducive to a healthy fish population.

The renovated pond was funded with the help of an $184,000 Land and Water Conservation Fund grant. The pond, in the 63-acre park at U.S. 61 and Huckleberry Drive, was leaking water and it had bank erosion and accessibility issues. The pond was drained, excavated and lined with clay. It was widened at its north and the shore was lined with stone rip-rap to control erosion. A sidewalk was constructed around the pond and a handicap-accessible dock installed for people with mobility issues.

Information on fishing licenses available on the Missouri Department of Conservation website: