4 Veterans Thomure kneeling

Four veterans were able to see the work on the Veterans Memorial at Cardiff Hill Overlook Thursday, one of whom has a brick at the site.

From left, Simon Charumonta, Navy Seabees; Barry Thomure, Marines; and Bryan Moss and Wendell Glance, Army.

Thomure’s brick is with the 50 bricks ordered placed at the site. The Veterans Memorial is about 67 percent funded. There have been 211 bricks ordered, and about $42,000 raised, the memorial is estimated to cost about $60,000. The project has been organized by the Hannibal Parks & Recreation Department and the Veterans Services Commission.

The Veterans Memorial and Freedom Bell will be built on Cardiff Hill Overlook, allowing a beautiful view of the Mississippi River. The pathway will consist of memorial bricks. The bricks must have the name of a service member, but does not have to be a Hannibal resident, former or current. The bricks may be purchased by loved ones to honor a member of the military. The customized bricks may be purchased for $125 per brick. Additional donors of $500 or more will be listed on a plaque adjacent to the memorial.