Trout at Huckleberry Lake can be harvested starting Feb. 1.
The lake was stocked with 725 rainbow trout, including five “lunkers,” on Oct. 31, 2023.
A trout permit is required for all anglers regardless of age in addition to the prescribed fishing permit to possess and transport trout.
All other fish species in Huckleberry Park Lake may be caught and kept. The other fish available and daily limits are:
• Largemouth Bass (less than 12 inches or more than 15 inches): 6
• Channel Catfish: 4
• Trout: 4
• Crappie: 30
• All other fish combined: 20
Information on fishing licenses available on the Missouri Department of Conservation website:
Hannibal Parks & Recreation has partnered with Missouri Department of Conservation as part of a Community Assistance Program to help manage the fishery.